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Why watch Disney movies online

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Technology has become of age and everything is available at the click of a  button. This has been  been possible in diverse fields including the theater and film industry. More and more people are logging in to watch there favorite movies  with just a click. Numerous questions are often floated on the implications of watching movies online with some complaining of reduced sales. By watching Disney movies online, ardent movie lovers are able to keep in touch with the movie world and do not loose even a single penny.

Disney Movies Online

Various reason can be outlined as to why watching Disney movies online is advantageous. The advantages do not always apply to the movie fans but also to the company itself. By watching movies online, the main beneficiaries are:

(1)    The  viewer

(2)    The company

Both of these two parties gain immense profits and gains by cutting down on costs as will be shown belows. The most important aspect also is that they are intrinsically related and hence mutual benefits exist.

To the Viewer

The inception of this offer by Disney was a celebrated on! This is because:

1.    Cost-Disney movies online allows movie fans to watch movies without paying a penny. Watching movies Online has eliminated the need for people to attend cinemas or even buy DVDs with their favorite movies. There is no need to spend money on something that is available free on the internet. Most of Disney online movies can be watched for free but from time to time one may be required to pay monthly subscription and it costs just a few bucks. Through the use  of search engines, one can be able to access the web page and then start watching movies. The fact that its is cost free has led to increased number of viewers per day.

2.    Update- Through Disney movies online, movie lovers can watch new movies released as opposed to waiting for the movie to hit the market  since it takes up to 2 months for the released movies  which are encoded in DVDs to arrive in the market. This to a movie fan may be along period of time.

3.    DVD player- With online movies, there is no need for a DVD player. DVDs are not expensive to acquire  though good ones are a bit more costly. To eradicate this problem, movie lovers are better of watching movies online  which they can download at their own leisure.

4.    Review- By watching movies online, fans can first be able to access the review of the movie in question before they proceed to watch it. Through reviews, you can be able to determine and judge whether the movie is a pass or a fail.

To the company

The price of movies have been in creasing , cable rental outlets  and movies business costs have been going up.  This has led the emergence Disney movies online where they  giving movie fans the opportunity to watch movies online  and for a specified duration of time. Movies are attached with certain subscription rates which the consumer- movie fan can then pay and start watching online movies. This has reduced the companies cost in movie distribution but increased sales and a wide fan base coverage.


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